Why the Prospect’s Mindset is Crucial to Commercial Real Estate

March 23, 2022

Understanding the mindset and unique requirements of your various prospects and pre-emptively or quickly delivering information that meets these is critical in commercial real estate.

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Queensie Surf Club secures State Championships. Will be “best event we’ve ever had”.

February 21, 2022

Pine Property is pleased to announce that the Queenscliff Surf Club has secured the rights to host the NSW Surf Life Saving Championships from 2022-24.

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COVID drives satellite offices and Neighbourhood Business Districts

January 27, 2022

Businesses with CBD offices are increasingly reducing their city property footprint and factoring satellite offices into their property plans and portfolios, according to a leading work futurist.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

December 13, 2021

The countdown is officially on until Christmas and following a year of difficult trade, one of the best ways to demonstrate support and thanks after a challenging year, is to opt for local during one of the busiest buying periods.  We’ve pulled together a guide full of opportunities to support small this season and has […]

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‘The Great Resignation’ is coming and why the office will help you retain staff

November 16, 2021

Companies globally are seeing widescale cases of people quitting or changing jobs. However, despite many people’s desire to work from home, working in an office may help retain staff due to the social benefits.

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