We are 8 years young and it’s important to never let a business birthday pass without eating cake (in our case donuts). A business birthday is an important milestone and it makes us reflect upon and appreciate what we’ve created. 

Quite often as business owners, we focus on how far we still have to go; updating the website, putting some of those processes together, rather than taking time to marvel at how far we’ve come. And, we’ve come a long way from where we were 8 years ago. A man and his phone. Literally. 

As the business owner, you aren’t just wearing one hat. You wear every other hat, role and task it takes to keep the business moving. Yes, it’s hard running a small business. You have tough days and setbacks. But these are also balanced out by being your own boss, building something of your own and making your own success. Passion is what got us started and it is the fuel that keeps us moving forward and growing.

All the highs and lows, accomplishments, the great folk we get to work with, our clients, our suppliers, friends and mentors – a big shout out to you.  

So for fun, we have created “In the Year 2014” to share some of the significant events that happened in 2014. 


Lastly, show your support for small businesses. When you support local, your dollars stay in the community and help local development. This as a result makes a positive impact on the local economy. In most cases, small businesses are the heart of a community. A healthy presence of small businesses ensures a community and neighbourhood preserves its character and appeal. So, follow them, like their posts, write that recommendation, tell people about their business – it all helps.