In order to achieve a favourable outcome, your commercial real estate agent should be willing to collaborate with other agencies and specialist consultants.

This collaboration offers clients access to a range of complementary services, the knowledge and networks of expert professionals, and positions them with the best possible chance for a successful and streamlined deal.

Knowledge and network

While not all deals require collaboration, it is often in a client’s best interest to have access to a range of specialists who can help streamline the deal process, says Pine Property’s Patrick Kelleher.

“Often a deal is much more complicated than just matching a landlord with a tenant. We collaborate with a range of parties on a daily basis.”

“When challenges arise, it is helpful to be able to collaborate with and leverage the expertise of specialist consultants in order to get a deal across the line. It’s all about that knowledge and network.”

Landlords or tenants often benefit from their commercial real estate agent being willing to collaborate with other agents and professional consultants including architects, solicitors, financial advisors, tax accountants, brand designers, private certifiers, surveyors, buyers agents, and more.

A holistic approach increases the likelihood of a successful and streamlined deal.

Inter-agency collaboration

Some deals may benefit from the collaboration of multiple real estate agencies. Traditionally, both residential and commercial agents have been reluctant to work with competing agencies as they do not want to appear unable to manage the deal on their own.

However, in some instances matching the local expertise and network of a boutique agency with the multi-national reach of an international agency may achieve the best result for all parties, particularly in the sale or lease of high value assets.

Recently Pine Property collaborated with multi-national agency, Colliers, in the collective sale of six units as a potential residential development site on Manly’s beachfront.

Through Pine Property’s local knowledge and network and Colliers’ international reach, 92 North Steyne was well positioned for a mutually beneficial outcome for the client.

“If it is in the best interest of the client to collaborate with another agency then we will do it. In this instance partnering with Colliers made the most sense in order to achieve the best possible outcome”, Patrick says.

Other specialist collaborations:

One of the benefits of being a boutique agency is the ability to collaborate with a range of local third party specialists for particular projects. Through Pine Property’s specialist local network, tenants and landlords can be introduced to complementary specialists who can streamline the deal process.

Whether you need an architect, solicitor, financial advisor, tax accountant, brand designer, private certifier, surveyor or buyers’ agent, Pine Property has connections to help you secure or sell a property.

Some examples of specialist advisors we collaborate with include:

Buyers’ agents: Pine Property has a strong network of specialist, local and international buyers’ agents with cashed-up clients ready to buy. We regularly work with these buyers’ agents to secure off-market sales for clients.

Lawyers: Both tenants and landlords benefit from having access to the specialist knowledge of a good local lawyer. By leveraging local expertise of the area, commercial property market, council controls and contacts, then clients – whether sellers, purchasers or tenants – can increase their chances of securing a positive outcome.

Town planners: Having a direct line to a town planner throughout the deal process can be hugely helpful for clients purchasing or leasing a commercial property. The guidance, advice and assistance of a town planner maximises the likelihood of council approval for any development or change of use.